Summarize, share and integrate

Alright, we get it! Your meeting's complete and you want to export and share. Here's how to keep everyone in the loop AND maintain all the momentum you've built in your meeting. Tally-ho!

Meeting Summary

Once your meeting completes, a meeting summary pops up to display the outcome of your meeting. (Don't see it? Open the agenda options menu and click/tap "Show summary")

The purpose of the summary is to give you a sense for what you've accomplished in your meeting.

From here, you can view and export your meeting content.

Sending a summary email

You're going to thank us for this - summarize and send the contents of your entire meeting in a couple of clicks!

Tap the agenda sharing icon, and then select "Send summary email". From here, you can add and remove recipients as well as view a preview of your summary.

Sharing content

There are a number of different ways you can share the content you've created in your meeting.

Primarily, this is done via the "share" icon at the top of your agenda, but this can also be accomplished in the meeting summary OR on individual content items.

Sharing a link

Need to give someone quick access to your meeting? Send them a link to it! Even if they aren't a Trackmeet user, they can still view all the content you've added to it.

Just click on the "sharing" icon and tap the "Get link" option. Send a link to your attendees or colleagues as needed.

Export to Word document

Interested in editing a version of your meeting in Microsoft Word? Export to .docx and edit away! Access this option from the agenda sharing icon.

Export pretty much everything to Slack

Our integration with Slack is pretty extensive. You can export the full agenda, notes, action items and decisions, individually or grouped together. Just tap on "Export to Slack", follow the prompts to give Trackmeet permission to do so, and then push your meeting content to a Slack channel or direct message.

Export action items to Asana

Like everyone else who's taken Asana for a spin, we love it. Export all of your meeting's action items (or one by one) to Asana to view and manage them.

Tap on "Export to Asana", follow the prompts to grant Trackmeet permission, and return to Trackmeet to export your action items (we return to Trackmeet the first time you grant permission - subsequent exports won't do this). You can select a target workspace and project to export to.

Export notes to Google Docs

Push notes individually, or, as a group, to Google Docs. Under "Export Notes" select "Google Docs". Grant permissions to Trackmeet using your Google account and you're good to go!

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