Trackmeet Best Practices

We use Trackmeet for all of our internal meetings and we've learned a thing a or two about using it. Here they are. For free.

Build your agenda together

Trackmeet works best when your team shapes a meeting together. All attendees have full control over all content added and edited inside a Trackmeet agenda. Collaborate!

To use a formal agenda or not?

Some meetings are well suited to a simple agenda where you simply add notes, tasks and other content to a blank canvas, while others can benefit from the additional structure a more formal meeting agenda can bring. Why compromise? Trackmeet supports both. Transition between the two by adding or removing agenda topics.


Remember, Trackmeet works on any device you have. You can run or follow along with your meeting from your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop Mac or PC.

Displaying Trackmeet in your meeting room

Again, this comes down to personal preference. We'll typically display the Trackmeet interface on a wall mounted display, so everyone has a sense for meeting timing and what's going on. Others find this too distracting, and run Trackmeet from one or more laptops and tablets.

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