Adding action items, notes, decisions and attachments

Your team is saddled up and ready to meet! Now its time to learn how to capture all of those great decisions, discussion and tasks you're going to have.

Adding notes

You can add as many notes as you want to your Trackmeet agenda. To do so, tap the blue "+" button at the bottom.

You can use the editor toolbar within the notes area to apply formatting as desired.

Notes that you write in Trackmeet are visible and update instantly on every other device connected to your meeting.

Want to write notes only visible to you? Click the "lock" icon to make them private.

Interested in exporting your notes from Trackmeet? We'll talk about that in the next section of the guide.

Action items my dear Watson!

Interested in keeping track of all the todos and tasks discussed in your meeting? Add an action item! Click on the action item icon to do so.

Fill out a description for your action item, who its assigned to and when its due.

If you'd like, action items captured in Trackmeet can be exported to Asana or Slack.

Making decisions

Lots of meetings are decision oriented - you and your team may spend time discussing an issue in order to come to a decision. Trackmeet lets you capture your decisions all in one place!

Decisions are added by tapping or clicking the blue "+" button at the bottom of your agenda (notice a pattern yet?)

Uploading attachments

Adding attachments to your meeting allow you to share content that goes beyond just text. Include images, documents and more.

You guess it - tap on the blue "+" button at the bottom to add them.

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