Simple on the surface with lots more under the hood

Trackmeet gets you started with a simple work area designed for meeting organizers and attendees alike. Except there's a whole lot more than just that.

Looking for more structure? Move up to a full blown meeting agenda. Track time to ensure everything gets covered.

You can include as many people in your meeting as you need, all for free. Meeting participants can collaborate by adding notes, assigning tasks or uploading content.
List of attendees in Trackmeet meeting
Trackmeet works in real-time, real fast. When somebody updates meeting content, your copy changes instantly, no matter what device.
Templates make it easy to create new meetings without reinventing the wheel! Browse through our collection or create your own.
Review Action Items
Add new tasks
Follow up
Union rep update
Review Team Budget
Status Updates
Follow up
Open Discussion
Review Tasks
Career plan
Progress on goals
Open-ended discussion
Next steps
Summarize and send everything you've done in your meeting, automatically, via email, Slack, Microsoft Word or Google Docs. How many people actually send out meeting minutes within a day? Yeah, nobody. Until now.
Meeting summary
Your data is private and secure. You have full control over who sees your meetings. All data is sent over a secure, SSL/HTTPS connection, the same encryption technology used by banks. We keep encrypted, off-site backups of your data in case of disasters.

Trackmeet has everything you need to have meetings with purpose. Become one of the thousands of people who've already fallen in with Trackmeet.

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