Say goodbye to lousy meetings

Because they suck. They sap team energy vs. enriching it. We're talking about the meetings that go off track because someone kept talking. Or the time when the organizer didn't send out meeting notes until a week later. How about every time your team didn't use an agenda?

Save me - Create a free meeting

This is a Trackmeet meeting. Use it to create a printable agenda to start, or jump in and enable full-blown collaboration for your team.

Open an agenda topic and you can add notes, create action items, include decisions, upload attachments and a lot more.

You can invite as many people to your meeting as you need, all for free. Meeting participants can be assigned roles that permit them to edit your shared agenda or run the meeting.
Trackmeet works in real-time, real fast. When somebody updates the agenda, your copy changes instantly, no matter what device.
Integrations let you do your work, your way. Heavy Slack user? Push virtually any Trackmeet meeting content to a Slack channel or direct message. Manage tasks in Asana? Great. Google Docs aficionado? Export away. Don't see your system in our list of integrations? Contact us, and we'll add it.
All of the valuable decisions, action items and notes you've captured during the course of your meeting are summarized, automatically. Send these out via email OR export and manage them in a separate tool. You can have your cake and eat it too.
Your data is private and secure. You have full control over who sees your meetings. All data is sent over a secure, SSL/HTTPS connection, the same encryption technology used by banks. We keep encrypted, off-site backups of your data in case of disasters.

Upgrade your meeting experience - your team will love you for it. Get started today and start running meetings that matter.

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