Integrate    with your Meetings

Wouldn't it be great if your team could meet and then push all of their notes, tasks and decisions to Slack?

Welcome to Trackmeet.

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Trackmeet gives you a ton of options for pushing your meeting notes, action items, decisions or attachments into Slack, individually or all together. Looking to share the agenda, too? No problem.
Export meeting content to Slack
Export meeting content to Slack channel or direct message
Export content to a channel or direct message.
Keep your entire team on the same page before and after your meeting starts. Distribute your agenda in advance, collaborate on it, and then run your meeting. Once your meeting completes, push your work products back into the same channel or push specific content to specific individuals via direct message.
Export meeting content to Slack
Integrating with Slack is super easy
To install, login and tap "Settings" and then "Integrations". Hit the "Slack" slider to enable. That's it!

Connect Slack to Trackmeet and experience meeting nirvana now.

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