Trackmeet is free. That's it.

Trackmeet accounts are free and always will be. Once our beta period is over, we'll offer paid accounts that include enhanced features.

How much functionality does the free version have?

We think a lot of organizations will be satisfied with the base version. We personally hate software that arbitrarily blocks you from using its core features. Try it and judge for yourself.

How much will the paid version of Trackmeet cost?

We're thinking $5-$10 per user per month seems reasonable. We'll also have plans for teams and larger organizations.

Is my meeting data safe?

Yes! We use the latest SSL encryption technologies to ensure that all your communications with Trackmeet are kept safe and secure. All meeting data is backed up regularly.

Can the Trackmeet team run a 4-minute mile?

That's setting a pretty high bar. I think it's safe to say that we could all complete a 10k run (some faster than others).