Trackmeet is the free, intuitive way to plan and run meetings with purpose.

Our story

  • We can trace our roots back to a calendar analytics tool written for use inside Latitude Geographics, a web mapping software company located in Victoria, BC. Fondly referred to as MeetingIQ, the tool didn't gain much traction, but the genesis of Trackmeet began.
  • As Latitude grew to 50 people (and then past 100!), its founders realized that they couldn't keep track of what was happening across the company, especially in meetings. MeetingIQ morphed into a productivity tool for meetings.
  • Early work began with a couple of part time developers, who eventually moved to working on the project full time. MeetingIQ adopted the Trackmeet moniker, which we use to this day.
  • It's 2016 and we're on a stable, measured path to profitability and continued user growth. We intend to spin out of Latitude Geographics to build a strong, independent company and better serve our customers.