This is a Trackmeet agenda. It can be used by a meeting organizer alone or collaboratively with your team.
Build meetings using our provided templates, or, invent your own! You can use Trackmeet to create gorgeous agendas for printing or dive deeper into advanced features. Trackmeet adapts to your meeting, team and workflows.

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Trackmeet is simple on the surface, but our active agenda provides everything you need to plan and run actionable meetings. Build a draft agenda and collaborate with peers to refine it. Export notes or action items to Google Docs, Slack or Asana. Summarize everything automatically when your meeting finishes.
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Bring your calendar

Your week is probably being planned using Google Calendar or Office 365. Hook them up and make Trackmeet sing right alongside your existing schedule. Falsetto prefferred please.

Trackmeet works on desktop PC/Mac, tablets, smartphones

Multi device

No matter what your device, you can bring Trackmeet with you. Plan your meeting via desktop and run everything from your tablet or phone. Everything you do is instantly shared with everyone else in your meeting.

Trackmeet integrates with lots of different systems

Integrate away

We designed Trackmeet to never overwhelm you with features. For those looking for more, integrations and enhancements permit you to add extended functionality. You are a meeting ninja.

Review Action Items
Add new tasks
Follow up
Union rep update
Review Team Budget
Status Updates
Follow up
Open Discussion
Review Tasks
Career plan
Progress on goals
Open-ended discussion
Next steps

Template it

Meeting templates give you a head start planning your next meeting. Select one and use as is or modify it to suit your specific needs. Adaptability at its finest.

Tired of wrangling notes in Microsoft Word while capturing action items on a notepad? Join the thousands of people who've fallen in with Trackmeet. You can add as many meetings and people as you want with your free account.
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